Saturday, October 3, 2009

& They Call It Puppy Love--

Here we are in October. This is my weekend to work, but no matter how busy I may get, the care of my puppy is at the top of the list. Dolly now weighs approximately 31 pounds. She's up to date with her heart worm medication, & tomorrow I'll be giving her the necessary medication to prevent flea, tick & diseases from those pesky mosquitoes.

Having a pup for a pet again gets me out of the house for the main reason of sharing my company with her, nothing more & nothing less, & she is oh, so appreciative. She's learning good manners for walking on a leash & all it takes is a few minutes of our striding together, & she definitely gets it. How can I describe the tilt of that little head, looking up, with the slightest of angles, just so she can get a glance of my approval. It definitely inspires me to keep working with her, as she has the potential to be a really wonderful pet. Manners are definitely something she can learn. There's a special sense of surprise in having a mutt & knowing the sweet potential that shined through in her early puppy days are what won me over. "Sit, come & stay, & God bless you Dolly", when you sneeze.

It's a labor of luv, "ruff " ! {or is it "woof "!}

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