Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dolly I'm Home*

Home this morning way before noon, & quite content to enjoy the day,
& now our autumn leaf piles have a new character to partake of the fun.

We arrived home yesterday evening having had dinner on our way back, stopping in Sturbridge, Ma. at the Ugly Duckling Tavern which is upstairs in The Whistling Swan, a colonial era type public house. Our shared dinners of Fish & Chips & a Greek Salad, was just perfect, especially the fresh baked frocita with it's aromatic herbs, very flavorful indeed.

Dolly stayed with her Aunt & Uncle at the kennel until this AM, as it was uncertain when we would arrive home yesterday, being the traffic or weather can prove unpredictable on these scenic jaunts. Our trip to Central NY is at the least 5 hours, so when I said-- "Hello Dolly!" It was well worth the wait.


Joanne King said...

She is beautiful............What a great size she is. Not too big and not tiny either. She looks like my random breed, Clancy, who owned us from 1978 to 1985, a rescue and definately my favorite dog of all time! Looking forward to having you over to "our piece of the sky"! xo

Mother Lightning said...

Well Ms. Joanne King, Thank U for the sweet comment regarding Dolly. She's a lot of work, but oh so worth it, as she is a sweetie.

See U soon.

L & P Always,

Mother L