Monday, February 2, 2015

Dolly's Snowy Day Bath

     Let me re introduce you to Dolly our pup extraordinaire~! As you can see she's drying off from a very pleasant bath which worked out just fine with warm water & a bit of suds. What's not to enjoy~?! Dolly's five years & nine months now. Her forty-nine furry pounds were off to the vet recently for a yearly physical. All's well. And with that glowing report she was headed to the dogie parlor next for a bit of beautification. In less than a week her destination was the dogie hotel.   

     This is our second storm in six days. The first in this series was a rather massive blizzard. Today the billing is for two feet of a wintry mix. These winter venues are stressful as it is, but because we live in the woods my husband has been plowing us out for over thirty years. That in it's self is a challenge being the truck & plow often times breaks down. Sometimes it's a minor repair such as a chain or hose, and sometimes it's quite major keeping us snowed in until we can find someone to work us into their already busy schedule. Such is winter in New England!

     Here's Dolly's drenched look which reminds me of one of the young deer that live in our forest. It's her bubbles & white spots that does it.  Don't you agree?

     She certainly had no complaints at bath time, and she needed it after four days at the canine lodge. We went away for my husband's birthday. He loves to ski. So that's what we did, four days up in Maine for a blizzard-style skiing adventure with wonderful friends. A well needed change of scenery. What's not to love~?! Yes Dolly it's so good to be back with you, & now once again you smell fresh & clean. What happened to your sweet scent while we were away? Hmm when we play we pay. Arro. I can tell you agree~! 

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