Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In The Pink or Working My Way Towards It

          That's my decades old Toni Doll. My Aunt Estelle gave it to me when I was six years old. She and my Uncle Ronald often had fun stuff stashed away for my brother & me during one of their visits. When they visited we were no longer living in the Bronx. My family had moved to Connecticut a year before. Aunt Estelle & Uncle Ronald lived out on Long Island. Eventually they moved too, but it was to California. Back in the 1950's trips across the country were a privilege for the the wealthier population, so after my aunt & uncle moved it was less than the fingers of a hand that I saw them any more. 
     The splitting apart of families, the healthier parts, proved an immense loss for some. Myself included. Growing up my family had multiple moves. By the time I reached those preteen years we were back in Connecticut.
     New England is known for it's rather bitter winters. This one is piling up to the nth degree. We are experiencing a bit of an overload of the white blanketing stuff. It's been good putting the ole skis on from time to time.Yesterday my husband led the way & we cut a new cross country path into our forest. With every glide of the way I felt rejuvenated. Cross country skiing can be a lot of work, but it works for me. It's basic & simple. Most of all it awakens the pink of my perspective. A real time reminder that nature is beautiful, healing & pure. No matter how far the abyss may lore we can & do find our way. A perspective of peace, one snowy glide at a time.

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