Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who In The World Is This?

     Viewing the photo above brings forth loads of questions. The main one being, Who in the world is this?  The image looks rather complicated, but it's just a simple experiment of meshing together two pics from my cell phone. I lost my camera several months ago & have been forced to mess around with the camera app on my phone. It's been fun to use, but I still miss my regular camera. I'll need to replace it eventually, but am stalling. For now that is.
     When I showed this photo to my twelve year old grandson yesterday his remark was,"scary".  For some strange reason I do like it. Perhaps because it creates some rather perplexing images, & I find it interesting. That's me, it doesn't have to make sense.
     What really doesn't make sense is the violation of privacy. It's one thing to want to share in the format of a blog, & it's another to be hacked, of which I was earlier in the day. So early this afternoon I was working to set some of that straight. It's never a good feeling dealing with something like this. And rather than go on & on complaining about it I moved on once it was addressed. My reward is clicking away here, sharing my thoughts, & musing over a rather strange photo that to me is both perplexing & pleasing. It beats staring out the window at yet more flakes coming down. It's been quite the winter, thus far!

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