Monday, February 9, 2015

Housebound & Quieting The Mind

The gift of color is just that. A gift that captures how we feel. Grays on the surface are rather nondescript, but lovely all the same.

The photo below says it all. Rather homebound, yet thankful for this quiet time. Getting things done on the inside & trying not to over think, that's a challenge on this end.

From way back to my days in the Bronx I've been a penguin kind of gal, & became aware of my turtle side a few years later. It's a totem combo that works for me, bringing some fun & humor to my inner psyche when life gets too serious.

Embracing it all, the spectrum of colors, & the days of gray. It's all meaningful, & important. When it gets out of balance & life's seriousness overwhelms, my inner guides remind me to take a look out my window & look inside, & breathe. Just breathe. 

As we do our best to be there for one another, we'll continue to work on being there for ourselves .
List placement is vital. 
Here in New England it's been a winter of discontent for those who are forced to weather the elements in a challenging way. Our prayerful thoughts are with those at risk for continued safe keeping.

~From the Peace Garden to your garden~ Be safe, stay warm this winter, one & all~!

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