Tuesday, February 3, 2015

After The Storm

     Six days after a massive blizzard here in the northeast we were hit once again. For the past three winters I no longer have to trek out at 6:30am to a former nursing job. My husband S*, Dolly & I reside in a pristine woodland of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, deer & coy wolves to name a few of our wildlife friends. The road we live on is a tributary ribbon that abuts the various developments which have spurted up over the past few decades. It's been a good match over the years, as our neighbors are nice. The biggest challenge for fifteen years or so was when our road was dirt, which presented more challenges than is worth mentioning. Needless to say my husband, I along with our many neighbors probably called the Town Hall more than any other section of the town.

     For a good part of the day we're snowed in. Our driveway is the length of a quarter mile & my husband has been doing our plowing with an off road truck all the years we've been here. It's a challenging job maintaining truck, plow & driveway. He does this from a place of love. Love of his family & love of the overall challenge of the task presented. Each time he goes out it's an exposition regarding the lay of the land. Since my brother in law's passing this past September our environment here feels different. We miss him. But nature is of her own nature, & we'll weather this as that's her way. The sadness & realization of his passing created elements inside somewhat of a tailspin, & due to a very great change we are still finding our sea legs. We're no longer those twenty something individuals that purchased this land in 1977. Our nest is now empty. We'll continue to take our time accessing what is right for us. Nature continues to remind us that nothing stays the same.  Everything changes, including our thoughts & feelings.

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