Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Prayers For Peace

The rainbow and the dove symbols of peace since biblical times.

Creating and maintaining peace will always be far more complicated then the symbols we have become familiar with. In order to have peace all parities must involve themselves with the commitment to do no harm. This we know is easier said then done, especially when tempers flare. An eye for an eye will never bring us to a true and lasting peace. The human being's impulse to strike out, be it on their own child, a fellow citizen or those of another land and culture. These impulsive actions have far reaching consequences. Ask any adult who experienced physical abuse as a child. The resentment and negative feelings can foster over a lifetime repeating it's self from generation to generation. Some finally do see the light, and put an end to the cycle. Nations though are far more complicated then families, they too can end their cycles of warring. It is never easy to hold back on the impulse. To not strike out. To not strike back. Ultimately this is the solution for which peace will truly come. So simple, so complicated. Our great problem in which human beings remain flawed. 

Yes I too, have a dream.


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