Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th 2014

Greetings Peace Garden Friends~,

It has been some months since putting a post out there. It's nice to be back, especially on Independence Day 2014~!

Am hopeful this moment in time finds you all well. I won't be Pollyanna-ish saying all's well in this world, we know that is an untruth. For those going through & dealing with struggles & tragedy, you are in our mindful prayers- north, south, east & west.

May we all do our best to hold onto peace, be it in our families, within our nations & our world at large. Obtaining & maintaining peace is a moment by moment challenge, & a difficult exercise at best. It all begins one person at a time no matter our tribe or where we live. Being human has often taken us to the depths of despair, but also to the heights of great joy.

A prayerful thought for today is no matter where you are & what you have weathered, we will always know as it's in our DNA, that we are all one under the sun.

* Today's photo is one of our three relief sculpture doves which was lovingly placed in the Peace Garden late this autumn. Additional postings this season will follow, now that many of life's accumulated storms have leveled & as an ole 60's song went- "I can see clearly now..."

Here in real time Arthur has already bore down on the outter bank's along the eastern seaboard. As always we are seriously hopeful that all weathered this storm safely. For the remainder of locations-  may this storm continue to weaken & may all be in safe keeping.


Liz said...

Did you make the relief sculpture dove?


Mother Lightning said...

Hi Liz,

The doves are from Ten Thousand Villages & are all handmade & signed. It took me a year to purchace them & get them placed in our woodland Peace Garden as my husband needed to cut out the clouds, & for me to gesso & painted them. They complete what the garden needed, & were worth the wait!