Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In The Garden Of Life

Above is a pic of a fave plant in our garden, the yucca. The photo shown here is from several years ago. This year our sunny slope section of the garden is not quite as radiant as it was several years ago. Since then life of course had moved on with all it's elements. We have recently weathered some heavy duty storms both weather-wise, and emotional too, as my mother had free fallen her way into some very serious health emergencies with complications. It all began to unfold two and a half years ago. Thankfully she has been stable for sometime now, but not without some heavy duty painful side effects on this end. Life can be complicated. Hence the garden on our sunny slope and it's yuccas are also a bit weathered this year. Weeds, and winter storms being what they are have taken their toll. Thankfully when the weather is a bit cooler this September I will have someone come in to lend a hand. It is not doable for me to take out all the massive weeds, to separate and to safely move beloved plants, and to basically redesign the space adding some flat rocks as natural weed blockers during the mulching processes. All of this to be done organically of course. No pesticides or chemical weed killers, which just wouldn't do.

One's garden is truly a reflection of the gardener's mind. A truism of the heart. In the meantime it's good to take pleasure and enjoy what is, taking in the moments. For me this season the garden continues to inspire a visceral textured life. Life with all it's beauty, it's hardships and storms. It is after all essential for the equation, the formula that forces human beings to think again. We're not perfect you know. Never will be. Always, and forever we are~  a work in progress~!

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