Saturday, July 19, 2014

Like A River

     This past week my husband and I have been loaded with medical appointments in which it had become necessary to advocate for family members. On Monday and Wednesday it was for my mother, and on Thursday and Friday it was for my husband's brother. Some of the appointments are heartrending, and others are somewhat lighter.
     The day before yesterday was an extremely serious one, yet in some ways a positive appointment for my brother in law. Afterwards it was time for my husband and I to take a necessary cleansing break. We were off to Wesleyan to attend one of their summer series concerts. My husband had gotten us tickets for the Joe Lovano Trio Fascination, with special guest Judi Silvano. In order to not be stuck in the usual rush hour traffic outside of Hartford we decided to make our trip into Middletown in spurts. One of our stops was along the beautiful Connecticut River. A river that my husband and I have a deep connection with since our childhood days. The air was clear and refreshing from the aftermath of thunderstorms earlier in the week, so we walked and we walked and we walked from one side of the Connecticut all the way to the footbridge enjoying it's view from yet the other side. The photo above was taken late in the afternoon. There we were enjoying all of what we were taking in, and thankfully the rush hour mix was not part of our day!

     Nothing will ever beat nature's abilities, to clear the air, and clear the mind. Nothing. In my cosmic heart, nature will always be the beat and driving force. The land we walk upon, the air we breathe, the waters and all the various elements that heal and sustain us. All of this and more. Like a river.


The Joe Lovano Trio Fascination with special guest Judi Silvano, I must add was wonderful. Joe Lovano's saxophone was a high spirited delight as he worked with trio members Peter Slavov on bass, Lammy Istrefi on drums, and Judi Silvano who brought her marvelous range of vocals to this fine performance.

*This posting's title Like A River was our son M's favorite song. It was composed and performed by a fellow piano student some twenty years ago at our children's piano recital by, P. L.  Am recalling P. L.'s beautiful far reaching work. I was told he's a music teacher now, which is of course wonderful! Inspiring others and sharing what he loves. A totaly developed human being. A talent~!

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