Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In Israel, Palestine, & In Europe Our Hearts Are With You

      In efforts to find a meaningful way to express what is going on in today's world-  north, south, east and west, all I can say is that my words don't get far enough in any conversation before it's... tears, tears, tears, tears, tears...
     Many of us may have friends, or family in Israel, Palestine, Europe and other various locations. We do, and our concerns are real regarding the safety of our loved ones. The tragedy of violence and war is far reaching. The innocents become part of the causality. Never is it justified. Never.
     Some would say I'm an idealist, and don't truly see the world for what it is. The problem is is that I do. I've seen it, and in my own lifetime have experienced it, and bore wittiness to many a vignette. Such episodes I would have chosen to avoid, but depending on one's time and place a choice isn't always available. That's my view, no matter if it's called impractical. The lessons we've all learned from childhood remain with us a lifetime. Choosing to retain the better lessons, the ones that embody the golden rule, for me are the rules I take literally. They enable me to face each and ever day.
     I take no sides, my support is for each and every innocent no matter the location on the map. It all matters in many of our hearts. All, so very much.

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