Thursday, August 22, 2013

Balance Always Balance

It's not universal, but for some of us born after WWII, it's a bit of a challenge putting a sense of enjoyment at the top of the To Do List.  Am not willing to change my spots, but am willing to take on improved ways of coping with the ills that come upon life's shore.

Summertime, summertime, no longer as lazy & hazy as an ole 60's song.  I must admit that during those teen aged years there was no stopping us, as we never fell short of finding ways to have fun.  Here's an old time 60's link of a song we all had fun with-

That fine ark of a life, moving into the crossover in a figure eight.  How do we know if we're skating
correctly?  Not just the pattern on the ice, but our form.  We certainly know if the ice is thn.  How do we know how well we're doing it?  A give away to the question is expressed with another question-  What did it feel like in a mind-body way, as we were cutting into those marks?  How does the pattern look?  Did we feel graceful & confident as we moved through time & space?  And ultimately, are we still standing?

My friends, those of whom we are close, we often share our deeper thoughts, & confidences with one another.  It's the sharing that is a good gauge.  Each life pattern though seemingly ordinary is unique. No two lives will ever be the same.  We may as well be snowflakes.  And in the midst of the universe we are. Often times our beauty is formed due to the effects of a blizzard or two.  I suppose these storms toughen us up, but we've got to move quickly.  Not to melt. Therefore we cast our sails in a forward fashion, relying once again on strengthening our mortal selves.  In doing so with each & every wave we strengthen our need for balance in our ocean's sea of life.

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