Sunday, August 11, 2013

Being Real

My O my it seems like a forever time ago, but I can say I'm back & so very
thankful to once again be able to click these words & images upon a page.
My husband & I for over a year & a half have been the main healthcare advocates for my mother who is now 86 years old.  My mother's health status thankfully has been somewhat stable, but her situation has been known to change.  Often time it's a week by week, day by day situation for my mother as her trips back & forth to the hospital have  come in clusters.  This of course has been awful for her, & not very healthy on this end either.  Thus the oyes of my reluctance to crowd the page with any chatter or complaining.  But I'm only human & will just keep on keeping on, & see what I can do even when my mind feels a bit swampy.
Enclosed in today's posting are a few photos from Real Art Ways in Hartford, Ct.  A fave place to watch a cutting edge movie & view some innovative art too.
I will keep my word on being "real" & shall do my best to return soon to share & connect in our common humanity.

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