Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Funky Garden Peace Garden, Always A Work In Progress

One Hundred Plus Prayer Flags From Napal What's Not To Love

The woodlands where I've established our funky little Peace Garden is as you know a fun & true passion. This environment has of course presented a challenge in regards to being able to add color, for the possibility of flowers past springtime is never a success due to the herds of deer that roam our region. Several years ago I added a few prayer flags, & early this summer on my son's suggestion I created a few prayer flags of my own. The various prayers the flags share with the world, panel by panel, thread by thread brings me great joy. Also the colors, what's not to love, as now I no longer feel bad about not being able to have an array of flowers.

Traditions run far & traditions run deep, from Tibet, to Nepal, all over the world, & for our little neck of the woods too!

So that's all for today in The Peace Garden my friends, except for the poison ivy [or is it sumac this time?], which arrived on my right forearm an hour ago.  Am aiming for the end of the month to add a very special item I've finally been able to track down.  I was told it's all set & it's been put aside. That & another touch & I think this garden will be near complete.  But that's far from true as we all know.  Is a garden ever really done?   It's evolving, as are we....

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