Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Less Than Perfect Self

This wonderful work in the pic above was on view at The National Museum Of Women In The Arts, Washington, D.C. last summer.  On that specific morning my husband & son were off doing a bike ride along the Potomac, with additional plans for a ball game the same afternoon.  My needs were of a different vein, thus for the first time ever in my life I ventured off alone in a strange city to satisfy my curiosity & to find my way. 

The experience was enthralling, & now I say-  What took me so long?  After all I'm a grandmother now! In all honesty I never gave myself the opportunity to do so.  The only one that ever held me back was me.  Better late than never, they say.  It's all so true of course, there is always the opportunity for change, we just have to be willing.

In the spirit of a recent topic of being real I wrote a new poem.  I will keep on keeping on & brave it all, as the ink's still wet, & the day continues to click right along-

My Less Than Perfect Self

My less than perfect self
 needs an F-ing break

A break from thoughts which spur deep moods
& makes my psyche ache

My less than perfect self is sad,
it yearns for what can't have

What's normal anyway these days
depends what's in your bag

My perfect self is O so good,
in thoughtfulness & deed
& yet I yearn to crawl away
& dig a cave of grief

This mountain rage of sad I feel
it's thick, constricting sprawl
my energy is non exist, 
I can't express it all

It's known to pass when time is up
these feelings make me weep
there's plenty more
where it comes from
the anger runs so deep

I think I know, O no I don't
don't know what's in the wing
this life feels whole, this life feels flat
my moods an honest read

And will go on, I do go on
it's all that I do know
in time it lifts, the thoughts do shift
a total human goal.


Yup Poetry A Muse In Motion is back~!

It's alive & well doing what needs to be done, piecing it together, coloring in the fragments, & learning one step at a time.

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

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