Friday, August 16, 2013

It's A Dog's Life With My Dog Dolly

Here she is our pooch Dolly.  In all honesty life is good for her here in these here hills.  She's fed of course with bones & treats too,  gets overall good care,  & loves her humans.  We love her too!

It's been an interesting week back on the blog.  Nothing too exciting, just getting back into a digital flow.  Our son Zac, he's the one who encouraged, & set me up here at Peace Garden said, The flood gates are now open.  He's right of course as I've done more postings this week than I have over the past eight months.  Since then Dolly & I have of course gotten older, & the wiser part I really can't say.  We've certainly taken on more experiences including a storm or two too.  Aroo Aroo yup that's it Dol, we're getting there, one muddy paw at a time.

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