Monday, September 23, 2013

International Day Of Peace 2013

A Heartfelt Inspiring Afternoon

We gathered yesterday for a worldwide event.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  Though summer is now behind us, the blue of the sky & the sparkle of the sun gave everyone the feeling of being at home once again in kindred spirit.

The young men you see pictured here are next to the Peace Pole, which says May Peace Prevail On Earth.  Our handmade Peace Pole states this in eight languages.  Peace Poles are planted in various locations all over the world since the end of WWII.  These young men are students of the Putnam Science Academy, & are donning some really cool hand-decorated peace shirts of which they created and shared for this event. 

Above is our dear friend Lyn Tolar who is setting the stage of our wonderful event.  She brings so much creative energy & serene organizational skills to the spiritual work that the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council continues to do.

This year's International Day Of Peace had it's concerns regarding the violence in our country which was the topic of our first speaker who was introduced by Lyn Tolar, one of the early originators of UN Peace Day in our neck of the woods.  Lyn had just introduced Rev. David Baird, our State of Connecticut Chaplin.  Due to Rev. Baird's responsibilities as our State Chaplin he had & continues to be involved in programs of healing for the families of Sandy Hook.   

Lyn just introduced us to Barbara Martin of the Vernon Buddhist Center who is about to lead us in the Shantidevada Prayer.  Following this most peaceful and generous prayer we were led in a medative walk along side the Quinebaug River.


At center stage is John Etheridge who has just completed telling us about an episode of WWI that he had learned about, and the creation of the magnificent song Waltzing Matilda.  John played Waltzing Matilda on guitar & sang all the verses flawlessly too!  Seated next to Lyn is a new friend of ours from the Putnam Science Academy who is about to play what appears to be a bamboo flute-like instrument.  A most interesting sound.


Standing on our right is Mehmet Yaramis who is Vice Principle of Putnam Science Academy, next to him is the talented student who designed & made these incrediable peace themed T-Shirts for our day's event!

Just a few of the behind the scenes individuals who have worked so very hard to bring International Peace Day 2013 to our local community this year-

And last but not least a symbol from times of old to the present, that ancient olive branch to this very day.  We wish you all peace, true peace.

The Greater Putnam Interfaith Council / GPIC of which we are members also has a blog.  Just this morning we were asked to share some photos of the days' event.  The article posted was sweet & to the point.  I hope you give it a gander & check out our GPIC link-

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