Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some Things That Capture My Imagination In Wintertime*

This sweet image of "shalom/peace" which I found down in our cellar, belongs to a friend. My husband is in the process of fine tuning it, so she can have it on the door of her home. Can you see the little peace sign & tree worked into the image? What a unique, intricate & classic design.
It seems that my dear Dolly so enjoys chewing. Just ask this penguin. [#!*#!]

A new week, & how very wonderful to begin with the warmth of the winter sun gracing us. A herd of young deer just ran through our woods, as I was on the phone with our eldest son. No pictures this time, we were chatting as they moved through quite quickly. I do think that Dolly is effectively keeping them away from my garden, with all her dogie smells & the like. For her Birthday this spring I'll be getting her the invisible fence, that way she'll be less confined, & be able to have a more natural life. "Good for you Dolly, we're getting there. You're so talented." When you're not chewing on penguins, that is.

Well I need a cup of java in my tank, as it's necessary to go, "a food gathering". Before leaving the house it is always "the hair" which requires a bit of moisturizing, due to it's natural nature [a future essay topic, for sure], but in the meantime I'll just deal with it, & defrizz as best I can. My husband is out walking in the snowy woods with our pup, & I, well I better get myself in gear here, before it gets too cold outside again. Yes wintertime, we wouldn't have it any other way-- Keep those ice caps & icebergs as their meant to be, with no politics, truly.

Ok, my coffee is all brewed, & it smells just right!

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