Sunday, January 3, 2010

All In Good Time, As We Step Out Into The New Year

This unique sculpture is for all to view at the United Nations, a one in a million trip.
This other photo speaks for it's self, at a cozy harbor beach in Cape Cod, Ma. Just one of those many spots from when we were a flegging nation. We're watching the John Adams series now, a good reminder of how we started out so very small, this unique United States of America, our work still, in progress....

Time has a way of waiting for no one, constantly moving forward, going, going...
So with that on my mind, I do think a more efficient approach to time management may prove invaluable, as the pendulum swings, & the sands extend, but time is not linear. I've been told it bends, & the tides ebb, flow & change. Don't you just feel it within, it's all very much connected.

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