Monday, January 11, 2010

So, How's The New Year Going--

How's it all been going out there, amigos & amigas? My New Year started out busy, which is the norm for most I guess. I like busy, but not so busy that every hour of the day is spoken for. I will work at the time management aspect of the day to day, but ultimately I love it all. Even when it's way too hectic or stressful, & come down with a minor cold, as I did this year, which is no surprise, as it was very stressful. It's the quandary of a delima here or there, & the figuring out of how to solve it, for the present & then how to best prepare as a preventative. But solutions do come, & if I weren't learning along the way, then what would be the use.

I'm still struggling with the finer aspects of computer technology, but make small in roads here & there. Attaching written documents took a long time coming, but I did finally figure aspects of that out, & the reward of learning this new technique has really proven most helpful in refining the loose ends to my efficiency. "Practice does make better.", as my now 26 year old son taught way back when, during his grammar school years.

Dolly too is making progress, she listens better, & better, & has adapted to this human implemented pack leader approach. Thank you Cesar, as we are both practicing what you have taught.

Anyway here we are almost half way through the first month of the year. Our driveway is still covered with a thin crust of compacted snow & the gardens & woodlands surrounding the house still appear somewhat other worldly with snow encrusted branches. The yucca plants are especially lovely in the snow, & will always remain special to me, stiff, stark, angular, upright & jagged. It's in late spring or early summer when their cream colored, tiny lily formed blossoms appear, if you're lucky. I have a special place in my heart for the yucca, as it reminds me of the plight out in the west, a place where the nuclear industry wants to bury it's waste. It was, & may still be proposed, for the rugged, unassuming, innocent-- Yucca Flats. It is there where they want to store, all of our nations nuclear waste, which of course takes thousands of years to decompose to become free of nuclear contamination. What kind of a time management program is that? Yet the beauty of the yucca speaks, from there to here. Do we hear.....

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