Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayers Of Relief, Help & Healing For The People Of Haiti*

Many of us awoke with the tragic news from the Caribbean area of the world, as a recent earth quake has taken the lives reportedly of thousands. According to the latest report from the Friends Committee, an arm of the Quakers here in America, the loss of life is of 100,000 people.

The mere fidgeting of the western world with all it's known problems is just dust compared to a scale such as this.

Just think how effective & helpful we could be, if our time & energies world wide, were not consumed with maintaining the status-quo, & acts of war were to cease, *forever.

Why not dream, for acts of human kindness does happen. We could continue with the UN & have the Humanity Olive Branch Force, working with UNICEF & other organizations within the UN. Nations of the world could do this continually if wars did not exist, for now & ever more.

We must of course do what we can for the peoples who are located in a part of the world that has experienced such a horrific event. Our world, it turns, it heaves & erupts from it's very core. In science we know much, but ultimately we know so very little, as humanity does it's very best to help & to cope. These are the issues we must harness our energies to fight, for the right to protect & live healthfully, no longer fightning one another.

Doctors Without Boarders and other organizations of the UN, thank God for the heroic good of the people.


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