Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Long & Windy Road, Like A River--

Today we awoke with the usual snowfall that New England's winters bring & after a brief coffee, my favorite pet, took off like lightning to our neighbors, to check out the snow plowing activity. Oye, there I was sipping my coffee, sharing a telephone conversation with a friend, & the shift occurred; I was already wearing leggings, as it is quite cold here in the morning, so after calling my neighbor to say I saw Dolly take off in their direction & I'd be right over, I quickly got myself prepared to weather the weather. She came back with me quickly & with ease, but due to her wanderlust, unless she's with one of us out in the yard she'll have to be kenneled either in her playground area which is fenced in & contains her igloo, or in our cellar in her crate. She likes the crate best, but I really can't use that space a whole lot, as she does need room to exercise. Even in the apx. 12' by 12' kennel area, she really doesn't get proper exercise, & she gets rather hyper from the pent up energy.

I've been allowing myself the luxury of catching up on some recent articles from past issues of The New Yorker, & The New York Times Magazine. The New Yorker with it's usual cutting edge articles is always worth delving into. It was an article from The New Yorker Magazine that got me involved & out there as an environmental/peace activist. The article goes back to the 70's & it was written by Barry Commoner, a renown scientist. My husband wanted me to read it, I was a new mom then & it gave this newly blossomed Mother Lightning all the information needed to speak out for the future generations, of which I've been doing ever since.
I must admit some of the previous chapters from this year's personal holiday season were quite exhausting, not hard to guess which chapter was the heaviest, but resolving issues in a positive & healthy way is so worth the time & energy, then after needing recharging, rebooting, & bouncing back to enjoy 2010 in all it's entirety, a continuum of an interesting journey.

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