Friday, January 1, 2010

Greetings Of The New Year 2010 From The Peace Garden !

I really enjoy the message of this snowman. It was becoming a bit frayed at the bottom from winters past, & was loosing it's hem. I just got through putting "a stitch in time", into this jolly ole' flag, only time will tell, how well it will weather this winter. I'll keep you posted, of course.
This interesting gnarly, knotted tree, so like the family of humankind. Very old, & rooted, very deep. How this great tree maintains it's strength & flexibility is what so mystifies us, as the storms & the winds come & go, for hundreds of years. We too have the ability to learn from this great tree. Let's us not kid ourselves in thinking what a perfect picture, all is good, all is perfect. All can be improved. By saving the grounds that our trees grow upon, we therefore save ourselves, from the complicity of a machine driven world & all it entails. Trees too represent the human family, our personal & interconnected family trees. Yes we will continue to weather, the aim is to grow older with dignity & respect as we walk this path into a new decade of an exciting New Year. Love, dignity & respect-- the golden key, that roots every human being, as we've seen the effects when these elements are missing.

It was a very sweet New Years Eve for my husband & I, we visited with our very gracious & special friends of our interfaith group. They were most *welcoming & shared with us a delightful dinner, of fresh handmade gourmet pasta, with a delightful red sauce, accompanied with salad & bread. Their charming neighbor across the way, brought homemade fudge, which we enjoyed for dessert with tea. Our addition was a cheese tray with a New Years Eve pomegranate in accompaniment. The dinner was delicious & wonderfully textured by being with such wonderful people who are very interesting, kind, generous, talented & fun.

The evenings focus was "not by bread alone", as there were prayers read for the well being of family, friends & the world, followed by an interesting discussion of the various religions of the world, & touching ever so gently on our own relationship with God & the faiths we have developed over this lifetime, & how it relates to us & our world at large. The past, present & future of religion in the world, all given insightful perspectives by the six of us present, a most interesting & respectful discussion so fitting, as 2009 was about to close.

So in a continuum of last nights prayers, a peaceful, healthy & happy New Year to all in this new decade of 2010.

May God bless you & keep you as you walk this path upon our earth & may we continue to strive for the mutual betterment of a world free of pollution, a healthy world for nature, which of course includes us, & our continued melody that sings-- "War is not the answer, only love will conquer hate."



etheridge said...

Dear Cheryl,

You were both very kind and gracious in describing New Year's Eve at our house. Thank you so much. But you were also too humble! Yours and Steve's presence was, for us, the highlight of the evening!

Mother Lightning said...

Ushering in a New Year, a new decade, is ever more special, when we do it w/ special friends. We thank *U both, for a most heartfelt & memorable evening.

It was a fun time, & fun to post about it on this blog.