Saturday, December 20, 2008

A View From This Window & Still Digging Out*

This is one of my favorite perching spots, as we live in a home that from certain views has the feel of a tree house, & is most fun for kids & adults a like.  We are at the top of a steep, usually sunny slope, which of course today remains overcast.  In the wintertime our driveway as you can well image presents it's slippery & icy challenges.  Beauty has it's costs!  The window boxes which my father so lovingly gave me so many birthday's ago & are painted a shade of teal has a few silk autumn leaves which are covered of course with snow today.  This is what graces today's wintry view.  *Oye for the special person who plowed, our family's # 1 .
This Teddie Bear was given to our 25 year old so many years ago from dear friends.  As empty nesters now, this Teddie does take us back, as he sits in a favorite corner of our kitchen.
The above is a doodle of an art project, that is placed on our deck to enjoy throughout the seasons.

A lot of hard work here for my loving husband of 38 & 1/2 years!  What can I say--  the simple life of country living with awesomely picture perfect views along with hard work & the appreciation of nature & all the enjoyment we receive from it.   

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