Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Day Of Winter & First Night Of Chanukah*

We're still rather snowed  in up on our slope, hopefully I'll be able to get some out of town errands done tomorrow, being we're an interfaith family, there's  both Chanukah & Christmas to be prepared for.  Our son arrived home yesterday evening from his long trip from upstate New York as it's his semester break now.  The report of the roads were all in this order--  N.Y. , Ma. , then Ct. , with Connecticut being the worse, figures.

For those several weeks that I chose to go cyber-less I once again reconnected with doing some colorful fiber art which I'll include in this post for a much needed colorful break here.  It was a lot of fun & very relaxing to put together colors & textures & to design some simple yet artful jewelry for the special "peeps" in my life.  I started first with my co workers as we are now on break till 'o9 , & I thought it would be fun to give them as gifts now as these items can double as either a pin or a tree ornament.  A dear friend made one for me several years ago for my birthday, & I asked her if it was ok to use her idea to make some, she kindly said, "Yes". They are not only fun to make, but a lot of fun to wear as it feels in many ways as you're wearing a corsage.  She of course was at the top of the list as to whom to give one to for this holiday season, she's a most talented knitter & seamstress besides, & most generous to share her creative ideas.

We were supposed to visit with my brother & sister in law this evening for the first night of Chanukah, but due to my extreme dislike of traveling under these type of weather conditions it was decided to take a "rain/snow check" & see about catching up with each other some other time.

My husband & I have been involved with working towards a clean & safe environment since the early 1970's, on his encouragement I've been part of our town's Conservation Commission for quite a few years now.  As we head into the New Year there will be much to learn & work on in that area, for this winter break I've been reading a bit about stone walls.  We have many ancient stone walls in this part of the state, & our own property is rambled with a multitude of them. They are really quite beautiful & hold the mystery of many a story I am sure.

Well, have a good week everyone.  I know we'll all be very busy to a  certain extent & we'll be sure to pace ourselves & to enjoy the moment, being thankful to God for our Blessings along the way.     


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