Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As The End Of This Year Nears*

One last day of 2008.  The parties have been fun, with the most recent being with the gals I work with in our Health Office.  All these years working in health care , it will be 40 come the New Year.  Time does fly.  Tomorrow depending on the weather of course, it's a dental appointment & then off to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston.  Time will tell.  These past few weeks have been zooming by with all the--  here, there & everywhere that it's entailed, along with the bouncy weather patterns we've been experiencing.  Sixty degrees the other day, who can keep track.  New England winters are forceful, ever changing, moody & beautiful. Literature is rich with characters who have been influenced by these elements.  We are still influenced by these elements which combined with other various factors of 21st century living have been known to make us--  strong, & resilient with our independent thinking, evident even to this day whenever a group of friends get together & discus their views of the world. 

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