Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Prespectives On Taking a Digital Break-- Tis' The Season*

Our first major snow storm of the season is upon us, blizzard really.  Yesterday was the day I chose to get prepared as best I could--  four new studded snow tires now all set to go for my "dashing through the snow" & ice, *oye the fields  we go....

Tonight we'll watch our usual PBS summaries of the week & comment on their comments.  It was good to take this recent mini digital-- "v*a*c*a*t*i*o*n" & not, "in the summertime", either.  I did a lot of  deep thinking, which many of us do at this time of year-- "In my life I've loved them all...."  The 60's & our music, forever in our hearts & minds.  {Could you hear the music of some of those songs in your minds?}  Love it, Love it.

Eventually I will get back into sharing some of those heartfelt thoughts & feelings.  For now a few pictorial views-- May all your gardens be peaceful. "Viva L' Art"!    


{The very interesting & at times beautiful pieces of art that are featured in today's entry were enjoyed this past November at-- "The New Britain Museum Of American Art".  What a wondrous experience a visit there was.  More photos to eventually be shared, & if you're traveling to or through Central Connecticut, it's definitely worth the stop, or as my father would say-- "Tarry awhile."}  

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Anonymous said...

very nice moody pictures of the first big storm