Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The One Year Anniversary Of This Blog*

Today makes it a year ago that my son set me up to be a blogger.  It's certainly been quite the learning experience, with a lot more computer technique to be had on my part, slow & steady....

I've deliberately attempted to not include some of the more serious aspects of living our 21st century lives...  Yes there have been aspects for concern among family & friends local & global, but I've tried to keep this as light as I possibly can, except for the few personal reflections, which is important for me to deal with when those kind of feelings come up, otherwise it blocks the creative expression I need to grow & to feel that way, for me anyway can be unbearable & therefore unacceptable, as I'm intended to-- "Make Art Not War", & all the creative colors & textures in between.  Blogging along life's road has certainly aided me in this task.  We all have our own personal ways to grow forth, & what work for one will of course not work for another. One size will never fit all, but r*e*s*p*e*c*t* will.

Sooo-- to all my family & friends, & new friends along the way who have taken the time to view & to read my point of view of life from these here hills I say--  "Thank You" for lending me your ear & allowing me to open my heart's thoughts to "yaz" all. 



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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year of reading your blog.