Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The First Day & 2nd Night Of Chanukah*

Yesterday around 4:30pm I was asked to meet a family member on their way home from work.  I was told that there was something very "time sensitive" to give me.  Well I figured it must be some sort of holiday plant, perhaps a mini tree, as we both have interfaith families & celebrate the season in that manner.  Much to my surprise what was insisted I take home right then & there & transport very carefully was one of the most beautiful menorahs I've ever seen-- the doves, the multi colored child sized hands, what a beautifully loving gift. Our son who traveled in from Syracuse the other evening to be with our fam.* over the holidays, he, my husband & I did a late night Chanukah Candle Lighting Blessing, as this menorah beckoned to be lit for the first time.

"Chanukah The Festival Of Lights"---  What an exciting joy it was for me as a child.  My own children of course have a much different experience of Chanukah.  Each generation has their own stories.  I can still see mine in my mind's eye & heart.  How about "yaz", all those childhood memories?  The beauty of our lit menorah's, the latkas, playing dreidle, the grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins before many of us moved so very far away.  No matter where we were living-- the connection to our people-- families & friends in the present & those of the past, glowing in our hearts with the beauty of our lit menorahs to this day.   

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