Monday, June 8, 2015

We Are..

     The question of- Who are we?, is as old as time. A relationship with ones own self has always been the key. So many cultures & traditions have come upon the earth. We absorb what we've been exposed to by conditioning. Yet we may still ponder.

     It is natural for a child to question. No one has all the answers. It does take a village for the child that resides in each of our hearts. Our modern technology can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we choose to use it. As we grow forward continuing to seek knowledge the Internet has become a vast library of resources improving an individual's quality of life with the click of a button.

   The beginning of May was a big first step for me I signed up for an online course titled-
 Body and Mind are one, taught by the master Thich Nhat Hanh through Udemy. The information I learned about this company was all good. During my involvement in this course I experienced a glitch of not being able to re enter my account. A few emails straightened it all out, & I was up & running again in record time. Wonderful, wonderful~!
    Human beings backgrounds are all very unique. What remains the same is we're all on this planet together doing the best we can-  balancing, coping & doing what we need to do, taking it all in with the mindful task of circling our sun every twenty-four hours. All very complex, yet simple.
    The topic of forgiveness has come up time & time again, especially if one has felt wronged by a person close to them. When an individual has had a close relationship with someone when they were a young child often the experience is beyond words when a large percent of that relationship  has gone toxic. Trust is no longer trust when laden with decades of flypaper encrusted pitfalls. For me daily forgiveness is often as necessary as going through morning stretches & daily workouts. For a long time my prayerful meditation remains- God please help me, please help us all. 

     Sharing today's entry is inspired by my experience of taking in the-
 Avalokiteshva Chant offered in Udemy's Body and Mind are one. This chant helps us in facing & embracing our suffering. I spontaneously cried on hearing this chant, & was able to forgive. I have yet been able to eliminate the flypaper condition, but am positive & hopeful this will be done. As my son Z said when he was a young boy- Practice will never make perfect mom, it will only make better.
And in keeping with that I wish us all peace, true peace.


*The opening photo above was taken from my laptop as I was playing the lesson of the Avalokiteshvara Chant from the course Body and Mind are one, taught by the master Thich Nhat Hanh. I highly recommend this course. To find them just put in Udemy for your search & they'll come right up. 

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