Friday, June 12, 2015

Taking The Water Cure

     Above is a card a dear friend sent me last month for my Gemini birthday. I absolutely love it, love her too I must add~! The reason for it's spot in today's entry is regarding one's relationship with

     Most of us have heard the term water cure. The term has been introduced to us by various religious practices & traditions, in literature, & referenced in plays & movies with conversations between characters, usually of a later time period. We are all connected to water. We biologically come forth from water. According to my moments ago google search, 60 percent of our overall bodies are water, with 90 percent of our blood being water. 

     Since my teenage years I began to take note that working out in the water was a good system for me. When I was back in nursing school the hospital I was training at had a wonderful pool. With all the studying, & test taking I found that doing a few laps several times a week was a perfect stress reducer. I still try my best to find the time to workout in the water, & when life has become a bit loaded with anx I think.. hmm I know it, I'm way overdue!

     Science has proven we've come from the sea. I'm convinced. So if you have the opportunity & the chance to do so- take a dip. This season in this neck of the woods the water's just right!

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