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Fracking Is Not Healthy For Children Or Other Living Things~ At Pomfret's Lois Orswell Award Ceremony [Part II]

     On Thursday evening June 11th our Pomfret Conservation Commission hosted the Twelfth Annual Lois Orswell Conservation Award. To learn more about this click onto Part I of our award ceremony-

     Our evening not only had wonderful award recipients, but special guest speakers who traveled two hours to our neck of the woods in order to inform all our attendees about the latest technological information regarding fracking. Most everyone has heard & read about fracking, but during our award night additional information was thoroughly explained. We are now further in the know about a dangerous technology that is presently being done in numerous states across our country. We were very fortunate to have had some very enlightened people participate in the educational portion of our event to share an informational forum on fracking that evening.

Our guest speakers-

Jennifer Siskind

Our main speaker was from Food & Water Watch.  Jennifer Siskind gave us the nitty gritty about the fracking technology from it's beginning history, & to the present- deep down into the shale beds, the transportation of the fracked gas, & the treatment of water that is returned to the earth's surface, & what becomes of it. 
The following is the link to-  Food & Water Watch

 The Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter was represented by-

 Martha Klein

Martha was at the helm making the introductions, along with a short closing statement by

John Calandrelli 

John is the program director of the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club.
The following is their link-

      In order to remain positive on this topic what needs to be said is plain & simple- The big energy companies continue to put a price tag on the beauties & wonders of our natural world. To billions of earth dwelling individuals that thinking is off. These billions include the every person, you & I. Those of earth based conscience will continue to do what they can. Creating more & more links in the chain of changed public opinion is necessary to fortify healthy treatment of this planet in order for it to be viable. We are no longer innocent in all this. Knowledge is power, which is necessary to share & act upon. The solution is within our grasp. Please work in your towns & communities. Make new laws & regulations, & revamp out dated ones that are not applicable for this century. No one has the right to create a toxic world. No one.

A very special thank you to Jennifer Siskind of Food & Water Watch, & to Martha Klein, & John Calandrelli of the Sierra Club's Connecticut Chapter.
You gave all of us a deep education into the down & deep world of fracking.  Many in attendance will keep ourselves updated, including our Pomfret Conservation Commission, who will add this as an important agenda item at our next meeting.

Thank you all~!

 *Additional Entry of 6/14/15

     I just received a link early this morning for a government report confirming what the environmentalists have been saying all along about the dangers of fracking. Here's the link-

Please feel free to share this link

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