Friday, June 12, 2015

The Lois Orswell Conservation Award [Part I]

     Last night our town hosted it's Twelfth Annual Lois Orswell Conservation Award. This award is given by the Pomfret Conservation Commission. Those awarded are honored for their outstanding work in conservation in our community for the previous year.

The award is given to an individual, an organization or both, that contributes significant work in the area of conservation. There were two 2014 Lois Orswell Conservation Awards given last night. For this honoring both categories were recognized for their hard work.

The first recipient of last night's program was the organization-

Peoples Harvest

Peoples Harvest is a farm that is worked, & run by volunteers they grow vegetables, herbs & flowers which are all donated to the various soup kitchens, & food pantries in the northeast corner of Connecticut. Every year Peoples Harvest lovingly distributes their freshly grown crops of 100's of pounds of healthy produce.
Accepting the award for Peoples Harvest was John Lorusso.

Our next recipient was an individual-

Fran Baranski

Fran Baranski has been volunteering for Connecticut Audubon for fifteen years. He's been instrumental in implementing, & leading trail walks, & other creative activities, & projects that Connecticut Audubon in Pomfret provides for the northeast corner.

Congratulations to all our Lois Orswell Conservation Award recipients, you are all most awesome~!


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