Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Roses Of June

      I never tire upon viewing a rose. Who does? It's form in the realm of flowers is as perfect as perfect can be. We have a climber on our front walkway. It's a bit worn, but still finds a way to bloom. She's probably due for a good clipping, but I'm somewhat hesitant as I don't want to sacrifice the buds that are getting ready. So I'll wait a bit, & as we work on our brambling garden we'll come up with a plan to eventually prune her back. After all who doesn't appreciate a good clipping of one's foliage once in a while? Why just today mine was. About a half inch all around was taken from my locks. It did feel good I must admit. Years ago I was told my soft fluffy hair has the feel of a lama's. Today when I got home it needed a ton of conditioner. To say it frizzes is an understatement.
     This evening just before walking my pooch Dolly I cut back a few wayward stems on our rose bush. We all need similar things us roses & humans-  Environmentally sound room to grow. Proper nutrients including fresh air, clean water, & some rays of sun. And a song. Let's not forget the song. That eternal song the heart always sings, of springtime's promise. Her beauty, & potential for peace. Peace for all.

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