Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sharing Some Joy

~Sharing Some Joy~

A collage for my mom.

 A week from this past Monday will be my mother's eighty-eighth. I'm the eldest of three, an only daughter. She was born in 1927, & has an interesting story embedded in her long colorful life. With her approaching birthday & knowing her the way that I do I've decided to help her focus on the artistic aspects that have never failed in providing her with a solid dose of joy.

Due to my mother's physical limitations, & medical needs she resides at a nursing home which we know to be excellent. Yesterday during her once a mouth hospital appointment I showed her this photo of the above collage. After our visit together I zipped off to the nursing home on the other side of the city to bring the newly created artwork up to her floor. My mother was still at the hospital, her treatments are a minimum of five hours each time. On the nursing staff's suggestion I tucked the artwork on the floor along the wall out of the way to await it's placement on the wall the following morning. What a wonderful surprise given to me when I called last night, not only was my mother doing well after her treatment, but her new collage was hung that evening in a prominent spot. I was was told she became joyfully thrilled, & very engaging. Once again embracing her moments in time. Her time.

The arts has forever been a major healing component of problem solving providing me with true joy which I love to share. It's my way of coping. We all come from something. Some good, some bad, some in between. Nothings perfect. As a baby booming individual I've learned a lot from family relationships & my interactions in the world. My mantra remains~

~Make Art Not War~

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