Thursday, April 2, 2015

Child's Play A Life In Numbers

Child's Play

 A Life In Numbers

On approaching my mother's 88th.

Frank Sinatra sang it fine at 17 he lived the times~

one two three four

wipe your feet & shut the door

in toddlerhood I would remark

& played the sandbox in the park

I knew no rules, there weren't many

walks, & jaunts our footsteps plenty

kindergarden, crossing streets

look both ways then move your feet

city life it suit me swell

we forged for custard I would tell

five six seven eight

girl scout cookies hemlines straight

nine ten wide eyed bright

the plaids, the stripes those colors yikes!

borrowing numbers math class days

adding subtracting were the ways

at seventeen so many storms

the earth did shake, the rules seemed wrong

a family shifted due to change

stability wrought a firing range

and so the good fight came in waves

no more a matriarch's kindness reigned

tooth & nail till freedom came

each story's different, none's the same

my mother's historys bittersweet 

she's who she is her mind does keep

a fractured family's all she's known

she lives a pain deep in the bone

but we all know this game ain't rare

to suffer greatly mind tricks scare

she's all I've known in mothercare

her kindness fractured at times scarce

I view the morning sunlit sky

accept what was, what is, & why

I know I love who gave me life

my spirit soars reflecting light

to overcome each waking day

with every breath, & step I take

am blessed to know I've come this way

each life's unique our spirit says

am mindful of my journey's path 

& work & pray for peace at last

at times the twinkling stars on high

strong feelings blend I shine, I cry

a joy within my looking glass

it's always there just need to tap

we all have something large or small

across the artist's collaged wall

we're better than we think we are

our purpose propels, on & on...


     And here we are celebrating another day on planet earth. Each and every one of us in our own unique ways do what we can to make every day a precious one. The best is not yet to come, the best is here & now. As we embrace all of who we are, & continue to learn, we heal ourselves, & the world at large. 

From the Peace Garden to your garden wishing everyone a healthy & peaceful springtime holiday season.~xo.

Today's poetry is part of the ongoing project of~ Poetry A Muse In Motion. 

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