Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Best Company In The Garden

     There's an undeniable truth to the fact that a dog is man's best friend. I yearned for a dog all my years growing up. Since then there's been many a wonderful canine in my life. Dolly is the gal above enjoying the springtime sun out in the garden. That's where we were earlier in the week facing the seemingly endless leaves. My gardens are rather small, but when the debris of dead leaves have accumulated from autumns past the task of raking them up seems endless. The sounds & movement of the scratch crunching rake dragging it's way across the ground is an ok activity especially when my best friend is taking it all in.  

     My furry friend, is the best she can be. She'll run, & she'll jump & take a pause or two. It all works- no fuss, no muss.. aroo~!

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