Wednesday, April 8, 2015

La Fleur La Fleur

 La Fleur La Fleur

Wearable Art

          Springtime is the time of year when my heart sings with all that it brings~

 Flowers are beginning to sprout in our neck of the woods. I tend to get very excited about the colorful show that's on the way. This winter I took matters into my own hands, & crafted some from my own garden. They are as you see above. 

Flowers & all their colors are known to share a sense of joy & happiness to those who embrace their message. These La Fleur La Fleur will be visiting some of our local farmers markets, & other community events as the season warms up. Proceeds from this artistic venture is ear-marked for an exciting local project for a YMCA of which it's building project is still in the works, & also- UNICEF the United Nations Children's Fund. UNICEF is the very first charitable organization I ever knew going back to my kindergarten days. To me they represent a light to the world, helping to protect & nurture the most vulnerable, & innocent of all.

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