Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Comes The Morning

The plate of cookies above are made from our Grandma Anna's Newly Twisted Ruggula Dough, the beautiful Ginger Snaps you see next are a speciality of my sister-in-law who aparently has inherited her mom's wonderful talent for baking.
The Sara Bernhardts displayed in our final pic from Athan's bakery & coffee shop in Brookline, Ma., seemed an appropriate photo to take, not only does this pastry look beautiful & elegant, but the name reminds me of a relative of ours, who's temperament has been compared to Ms. Bernhart.

Well I'm done. I completed a good amount of baking for the season, can't say it's of the most healthy variety, but nonetheless taste bud good!

As we ended 2011 slipping into 2012 a relative in our extended family was in the midst of an epic crisis. This heath crisis finally stabilized on New Year's Eve, of this we are most thankful, but in all honesty these are still serious times & a challenging road we are upon. So for now, every day I call the hospital, & make calls to my siblings, & am gauging myself & making preparations to be on the ready for a vast out of town sky miles trip if necessary. In the meantime we've been visiting with extended family & friends, exchanging greetings & good wishes for 2012, which is always very meaningful & marks the start of the New Year in a joyous & positive way. Doing a double batch of cookies from my grandmother's dough recipe has been another good way of ringing in the new, as we honor the old.

So tomorrow it's off to the Post Office, to snail mail this newer variation of cookies from our Grandma Anna's dough, & also to do the various errands that are necessary to coordinate for this new year. It will be a long long time, before I bake again, that much I know is certain, as my will power has been weak. In the past I have always stuck to painting & crafts for getting through this time of year, it is a method that has proved successful time & time again for me in avoiding o-d-ing on sugary carb treats. Today my husband & I took a two mile walk on our Audubon Trail, that is certainly the way to go. One step at a time, without the cookies, which are way too good.

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