Monday, January 30, 2012

Deliberate Quiet Thoughts~

Above is the newest addition to our kitchen. We saw a grouping of jasmine plants last week when my friend Tima & I stopped to do a little light shopping at the Trader Joe's along our way home from the writers group session of which Tima our very talented teacher runs & facilities. This gorgeous plant is getting ready to bloom any day now, & if this lovely jasmine remains happy, the show I've been told is to be so worth the wait.

The oil painting above which was just done today is titled,~
Mother Love
which of course has a lot of deep meaning.

The piece below, is a collage of~ oil on linen with pistachio nut shells,
nothing too yummy, but an experiment of materials, color & texture...

Note the developing talent & skill of our friend Sima in an example of only her second still life displayed below, take the tea cup for example..
Sima, our friend Sharon & I are taking these wonderful oil painting classes taught by our friend & artist~
Laureen Hylka
who is most accomplished in all sorts of art media. Laureen has been recently working with pastels, & her talent & passion are most apparent in her still life compositions & all sorts of landscapes. Experiencing art together among friends has been a source of pure joy, & deep revelation.

Well here it is Monday, Monday~

My mother remains in a rehab-nursing home situation down in Florida after being rescued from her dire situation on 12/30/11 . Since then her extended family has been working ever so hard to have her return to New England so we can all be with her on a more regular basis. In the meantime, my husband & I have been back from Florida after spending a week with my mother for a little over a week now. Time will tell just how soon it will be before we can have her back here with us, as there are quite a few medical details to arrange on her behalf.
On this end every day's a new beginning as this situation blankets my mind, & can be the source of real anxiety if we don't take proper care of ourselves. Writing & experimenting with art, have always been my true means of channeling my energy in a positive way. Whatever works.

For today I finally returned to my painting class, & though I'm no Klee, or Picasso by any means,~ just a gal who's trying ever so hard to breathe, enjoy the colors of the day, & taking it, one stroke at a time.

This entire ongoing situation that my extended family is going through in trying ever so hard to do what's best for our mother is about as complex & delicate as a snowflake. We'll need those snowshoes for certain to walk the walk.

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