Saturday, May 29, 2010

On Birthdays Ideas Continue To Bloom*

Birthdays come
& birthdays go
& with it all
we sow
we grow....

Here it is the day when so many years ago, was the original, "first day of the rest of my life". I think I realized some time ago, that I am definitely not a dramatic person, but definitely a dramatic thinker. Coming from the family that originally sowed me, I had no other choice. I was told the grandmother I was named for who passed on before I was born was involved in the Yiddish Theatre, & my mother, the woman who bore me, sat in the audience of that theatre since early childhood, blooming to become the drama queen we all, know & love today.

Me, well we all definitely take bits of our parents with us for the rest of our live. I'm no drama queen by any measure, but the short story, essay writer & poet, that's me. For this Birthday year in response & respect for all who have come before me, & to those who have supported me with love & acceptance-- I dedicate this future play to "yaz all", from the young gal who used to throw notes across the classroom [& who got caught], to the blogger I am now. I pray for determination & discipline to guide me & my muse.

& A Happy & Healthy Birthday, to all the wonderful Geminis in my life, Happy Birthday "Yaz" !


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