Friday, May 28, 2010

On The Eve Of My Birthday, Chapters Old & New Come To Mind--

Today my new chapter has begun. After enjoying a few cups of java this morning, & allowing Dolly a bit more time to pup around, it was definitely time for me to begin "My Training".

My goals are as they have been these past few years-- to get our childrens book published, with our book series on it's way, to write the play of which will tell a drama, of what I'm meant to express, & in the meantime, to continue my cycling prep program, continuing these personal goals of body, mind & spirit.

Yes, "these times, they are a changing", & in order to cope & stay well, one must keep the commitment to take care, & to honor what has been bestowed.


Some Post Scripted Thoughts; This past weekend we made the long sojourn up to Syracuse N.Y., as our son graduated with two degrees from Syracuse University, one from the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, & the other from the College of Law. For my husband & I, these past three years have zoomed by, & for our son, it probably seemed quite the opposite. Most of the core family was able to attend his Graduation, with celebration festivities happening from the time we arrived, up to a few hours before we all departed. As parents, all I can say is, it is all, quite amazing, nothing more, & nothing less.

On yet another note, yesterday was my final day working as a nurse at Hyde School, in Woodstock, Ct. My life is zooming, as those ten years seem to have happened in a flash. I began my job on the beautiful campus of Hyde, when our son "Z", who just graduated, was beginning his senior year in high school, & our fam* needed the additional income to fund travel activities for his involvement in Model UN, & to also fund extra curricular activities for our son "M". Working, in order to help raise a family has been the best of the best. Nursing & it's nurturing field of health care, has kept me involved medically, these past ten years & intermittently for over forty years. I have been fortunately blessed to have chosen a profession where we not only take care of others, but take care of one another too. Society can never put a price on kindness or compassion, for that comes from a place where nary the faint of heart can go, & only the heart can rule.

For the past ten years I have been most privileged to have worked with the most amazing team of professionals. In a sense we too have become an extended family & have shared with one another & supported one another in many ways, for better & for worse. I have learned so very much, & am certainly a wiser individual because of it, but ultimately in the very core being, of who I am, I know the friends I have made over this past decade will always ring true.

So many chapters are now complete, & new ones written, as we speak....

"Life a circle, love the soul",

It's all a mystery, life unfolds.


{Ahava is a Hebrew word, it means love.}

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