Thursday, July 30, 2009

Every Step Of The Way, Learning & Growing, What A Lesson From The Garden*

As this week began 4 days ago I garbed myself in the usual haphazardly fashioned gardening clothes-- old jeans, tee shirt, an old lab coat w/ tight fitting cuffs which are excellent in keeping out the various insects we are accosted with in our neck of the wood, thick socks that fit well with all purpose hiking/gardening boots, & of course my over sized billed "Ninja Turtle" hat. The walk from our house to my first, in the series of Peace Gardens up here is about 1,000 feet from the house, about 1/4 of a way up our driveway.  The big terracotta sun face fell off it's frame, & was in several pieces at the foot the massive tree from which it hung.  I went to figure out what to do in order to artistically figure out how to replace this piece.  It obviously came down due to the frequent storms we've been having up here since spring.  Just in July alone, the record for rainfall in this part of the northeast is unmatched.  It certainly has taken it's toll on the gardens, our Yucca had diminished blossoms this season, & we've also noticed a lessened population in butterflies too.

Anyway if I can make a long story short, of which I will try; what happened next was right out of Winnie the Poo-- as I was checking out the sun shaped frame, I felt a pricking sensation at my right ankle, thinking I must have stepped on a vine with some prickers on my walk down here, I just kept puttering around thinking of ideas of how to refurbish my garden sculpture which was shattered & ruined, & then in mere seconds it happened--  there I was, alone, surrounded by a swarm of bees/yellow jackets, they repeatedly stung at my right ankle, though the thick socks, & were swarming around my entire body, but due to the aid of the over sized sunglasses I was wearing & my "Ninja Turtle" hat, my head & face were spared from the attack. It was much like an episode, right out of a Nature program.

As I was simultaneously screaming, & running to get away from the stinging activity, I was also thinking, [it is amazing truly how the mind works]  "What is the point here, what point is this, to be made with me?", & it was then I "got it" as I walked up the drive to our house, I totally "got it".  This of course may sound like an episode on Seinfeld, nonetheless, it's how my mind can work.  So I became refocused once again--  the book my good friend & I had completed 3 years ago is still in need of an illustrator, so on Tuesday of the same week I made sure I kept the appointment for the "One On One" tutoring lesson, & was then able to email our book manuscript during the lesson directly to a really neat gal who has agreed to be our illustrator, as she has been waiting for this manuscript for some time, & the rest, well the rest will continue to unfold, also during these moments of unbelievable pain & horror of not being able to get away from these angry creatures, I knew once I got the book project in full motion, & only after an assurance that a hard copy reality of this project were to happen, then , once I got the manuscript sent it would be time once again to reconsider a puppy.  As Snoopy said way back then, "Happiness is a warm puppy." & I say once again, "Life a work in progress."

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