Thursday, July 16, 2009

Food For Thought & Other Thoughts Too*

Not a bad pose, taking a break--
Tomorrow is now & yesterday was then, a day in a life, what was I thinking....
It was a beautiful summer day, nothing more, nothing less.  I made some "new fashioned/old fashion"
Rice Pudding this evening.  
What made it "new fashioned" was that it was made with rice milk instead of cow's, for some friends who are recovering from various medical procedures, & the rice milk content should make it a bit easier to digest.  It has the usual eggs, sugar, raisins & cinnamon.  My husband & I had some this evening, the milk replacement worked, it was very good.  Simple yet good.  There was a local meeting tonight in a neighboring town on alternative energy, it would have been nice to go, but at the end of the day, a person has only so much creative energy, & I had been wanting to make this Rice Pudding for several days now, as it will make me feel good to know that these friends, that are so in my thoughts, have some sweet thoughts; from our household to theirs. Though life can be extremely hard at times; food for thought, sweet food, for sweet thoughts--  always rings so true. 

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