Thursday, August 30, 2012

Living In The Eye of The Storm, Approaching The Jewish High Holiday Season 5773

Living In The Eye of The Storm

Isaac son of sacrifice
an angel showed the way
appointed ram for Avaraham's hand
the father's son was saved

when one believes it's personal
so honest with ones self
if this we know, no argument
believing is our health

the storm of minds, the storms of earth
it's real to those who see
though eyes do tire of the light
the minds eye view does heed-

I've known so many little things
I've also known some small
and in this life that's given me
will never know it all

and so I say to me and you
this storm of Isaac named
it brings on wind, and rain, and gloom
of this the sun rays say

believe we will in what was taught
but most in what we've learned
we know what's deep, the winds do speak
the calmness is what's heard

and though I take such baby steps
alight upon the course
will stand as best a person can
an eye within the storm


Have been thinking of the communities & individuals that have been in the path of Hurricane Issac. We wish you all safety and healing from this & all life's storms.


And so completes today's posting of the Peace Garden's~ Poetry A Muse In Motion, project.

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Joel said...

May I ask why you call yourself "Mother Lightening?" Clearly you were moved to leave nursing but by what?

Joel, author