Friday, August 24, 2012

August A Slo-o-ow Down Time Here In The Garden

I'm really not a summertime gal, so for me to say August is a slow time in the garden, is a truth. Though I did mulch & mulch three truck loads that is, nonetheless nothing to speak of for new plantings, as it was far too hot for a venture like that. The mulching as told was slow & steady, with insects galore to put off any urbanite of which I no longer am. I did have to apply some skin so soft, off bug repellent, & don a jungle-like hat with a net. My assemblage sculpture Rosie ll morphed into a Transistor Sister keeping my portable radio in good tune due to her metal colander head. All in all it was a productive month, & by the time our family gathered last weekend the Peace Garden down on our slope looked well kept, & interesting with it's more complete theme of Swords Into Plowshares positioned to capture the imagination.

This Peace Gardening month of August was topped off with a most special & beautiful gift only yesterday from our cousins in Dallas, as they sent to me something quite unique, a Peace Key which now resides in the garden as a valued reminder to the gateway to the mind, of what truly unlocks our potential for peace. It does & always has come from within.

The following poem is dedicated to our cousins,

Burt & Missy Finger



A most interesting, thought provoking Photography Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

the key to peace


And so concludes today's Peace Garden entry, & with that we forever, & a dream~ wish you & all the world peacefulness in thoughts, & deeds.

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