Friday, August 24, 2012

Friendship Intertwined With Universal Thought~

The first two photos are of an ongoing work entitled~

Friendship Intertwined With Universal Thought

This mixed media piece was inspired by the recent passing of a very special person in our Town of Pomfret, Ct.

Mary Patenaude

Mary was a true one of a kind, as her name so suited her. She was always friendly, kind & generous of heart. She passed away less than a week ago on 8/19/12 in a tragic boating accident off the coast of Long Island Sound.

I couldn't say that we were friends of the kind of friendship that most of us consider a friend to be, yet she was far more than an acquaintance, as I had only just spoken to her on the phone about six weeks ago or so in regards to inquiring about some of the details of our town's upcoming Tricentennial event, as Mary was very involved in so very much of what makes our little neck of the woods so very special.

As I was painting two nights ago & was doing my splattering experimental thing, & then adding my mother-in-law's broken depression glass tea cup, I thought of Mary...
of what a sweet, & lovely person I have always known her to be. It will take some time for the hearts to heal of those she was very close to, of whom we an entire town offer our prayerful thoughts of love & healing. I too shall miss her, as for me she represented patience & compassion, with her gift giving of her time of kindly indulgence whenever I would make the point of stopping at her local business that specialized in quality wines of the world, & even the more local wines sought after for one of my family's special religous holidays.

I will be reminded of my thoughts of Mary as I continue to layer the above collage, & truly that's one of the main ingredients of what a life can be about, ~

our universal intertwining with one another,
please help us God.


Am finally working once again in my own studio in the woods. The space is really quite a mess, & hopefully before it gets too cold I'll have it all sorted out so the area will once again be a soothing retreat of creativity. I'll pick away at it of course, & get it all sorted out. Until then will also doodle a bit, with fiber, paint & board & dig deep as the boxes are piled high with stuff upon stuff, of which I do realise not all of it is useful or worth saving.

So for the meantime would like to leave you with a few pics of what's been in the works..
Have a good end of August one & all & will remain prayerfully hopeful to return again with another posting from the garden.

Here's wishing one & all true peace,
of what makes peace.

~amen again, amen~


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