Friday, March 2, 2012

What's Love Got To Do With It... Part I

What's love got to do with it.. when it comes to baking & decorating a birthday cake for one's granddaughter, everything!

So here we are on a relatively even keeled Friday night, we've got PBS on & they've just got done broadcasting The News Hour. Next it will be a few more public affairs type programs. My husband's all alert & he's in our family room taking in all the info. Me, well my attention is glued to the oven, oops there's the buzzer... It's looking good, but at least 8-10 minutes more, as the top of the cake is way wobbly, but pretty, real pretty. My husband said it's beginning to smell, & that of course is a good thing, as red velvet cake is really a chocolate cake loaded with, am feeling bad having to say this, red dye. If I should make another red velvet someday, I really could try it with beet juice, that could possibly bring out the red. But for now, this is the one, though beet juice could possibly be a solution if ever again. I do have another box of cake mix as a back up, hopefully I won't have to use it. These designer type pans are tricky because the level of depth is not even throughout the pan, so if you go ahead & test the center of the flower for doneness, by the time you test a petal it could be too done. We're in cooling-mode now, so all I can really say is time will tell.

Our granddaughter just turned 8 a few days ago on the 29th, & working on this convection this evening is a pure joy! I've loved to bake since my early grade school years though it's always a new experience each & every time. I'm not really very familiar with making cakes in some of these more creative shapes, but I'm game, & our grandaughter's request for a sunflower didn't seem out of the realm of possabilites, so we'll see how it grows & blooms from this kitchen. Opps there's the timer again... & it's out of the oven & done.

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