Monday, March 19, 2012

Engulfed In This Nightime Garden~

It's been about a week since my last posting.  Since then it's been several thousand sky high miles that have been logged from Connecticut to Florida & back, in our sojourn for my brother & I to help bring our ill mother back home.

The trip was good both ways, & for starters once we were back there were no less than 3 days of consecutive appointments.  All of it went very well, almost like clockwork, from aspects of making it on time for our flight after pretty much closing down aspects of our mother's Florida home.  But all clocks have mechanisms that just plain tire out, & we human beings, the fragil creatures that we are tire &  break too.

My mother who is the oldest ever of any woman of her side of the family will be 85 on April 20th.  It's a delicate balance it all is, every aspect, as my mother had a terrible accident on the evening of her 3rd day back, & fell most suddenly to the floor.  She now joins millions of seniors all over the world with one of the most serious & prevelent injuries that afflict the elderly which is a fractured hip, for she too is now amongest the ranks of these brave seniors.

To say we're heart sick over this is an understatement, & trying not to worry is a daily exercise which I actively work at as we carry on this late winter night.  My mother according to all her nurses is doing great & as we head into spring that is certainly what we want to hear, as that is what healing is all about.  Taking care.

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